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Chat Virgin
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Default tattoo still not healed 6 weeks later?

Hey all -

I got my first tattoo - a small flower on my ankle, about six weeks ago and it still doesn't look healed. There were times where I thought it was infected because it was red around the white edges, and took antibiotics (topically and orally). I've washed it daily with hypoallergenic soap and used Aveeno lotion - at times I used coconut oil because someone said that can help healing, but it still looks messed up. I took a recent trip to the doctor and tattoo shop and they're both saying it's healing fine and isn't infected, but it doesn't look fine? It's a little hard to tell from the picture - but it looks indented, red and blotchy in the center - almost like skin has been scraped off. I'm not sure what to do and why it won't heal. I've also had persistent foot pain since the first day I got it so I'm wondering if she went too deep and hit a nerve, and that indentation is scar that won't heal or something. I posted a picture of it the first day I got it and what it looks like now - I'd appreciate peoples' thought. Thanks guys.
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Usually tattoos are pretty well healed after a month but it's not unheard of for it to take a couple of months sometimes. Lower legs seem to be a common spot for this to happen for some reason.

It's not infected so just try to ignore it for a while. I wouldn't even put anything on it anymore. Just leave it alone.

They didn't go too deep and hit a nerve, causing your foot pain.

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Bio-Oil might help. Nothing to worry about though.
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my foot took longer than 6 weeks lol
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It looks pretty much healed to me, maybe still a little shiny but certainly not scabby. I'd keep it moisturised. Let us know in a couple of weeks if there's any improvement. If it's still the same it could be that the artist's technique wasn't great and it's scarred.
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Chat Virgin
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Default diabet?

do you have diabetic problem ?
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Does it hurt to the touch?
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