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Chat Virgin
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Default Unsure about new tattoo

Hi all
I got my first tattoo 5 days ago. I drew it myself and I still like the desgin. I cant help myself though to think that the lines are too big and the tattoo itself is bigger than I imagined it. It just doesnt feel very feminine. Also I read somewhere that lines will double every 5-7 years. Is that true?
Any thoughts on it?

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Looks clean, the black is pretty solid. I donít think they double in size every 5 years. I have some tattoos that are about 15 years old and theyíre still the same, they havenít expanded.

If you like the design and itís something you created yourself Iím sure youíll come around to it. Itís very common and perfectly normal to have second thoughts, worries and concerns after a tattoo. Give it some time to settle and for yourself to get used to it.
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Chat Slut
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Yeah, I'd definitely say give it some time. It's something permanent on your body and that can take time to come around to, even if it is something you know you want on there.

I've never heard of the doubling thing, but I don't think it's true at all. People get body suits, if the lines for bigger over time than their tattoos would look weird. I promise those lines will never be double the size they are now, even if there were blow outs, which there aren't.
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Chatter Box
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I've got a 20 year old, small Japanese symbol tattoo that hasn't changed in size at all in that time. I still hate it and it needs covering though.

I don't think your tattoo is unfeminine at all. Looks good.
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I hope the doubling in size thing is true, it means I don't need to get any more tattoos and when I'm 80 I'll have a bodysuit
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It might double in size if you put 10 stones of weight on....otherwise you’re cool
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yeah, looks like you got exactly what you wanted

if you are not happy about the position or size of the lines, then that is down to you to say something to the artist when they stencil you
Please go to a reputable artist.
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Chatter Box
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I think it looks cool. Good linework and placement. The size looks decent to me. It will fade a bit over time, but certainly will not expand or double. I have tattoos as old as 30 years and the linework never expanded to any visible degree.
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Wtf is it?
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Chat Virgin
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By feminine do you mean the tumblr types that are really thin kinda tattoos? Yeah yours isn't like that. I'd agree with your assessment, compared to ones like this yours wouldn't be considered feminine.

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new tattoo , regret

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