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Chat Virgin
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Default Ditch healing.... super sore!

Hi guys. I had my right ditch (and a few other places on my arm) assaulted this past monday and am looking for some opinions on how it is healing.

The ditch itself is super red which is a tad concerning, although I know my artist goes hard so its not that surprising given the location of the ink. The area that is red is not hot to the touch, or at least no more than I would expect and the swelling is going down pretty well (and leaving some ugly bruising)

My aftercare this time is simply 3-4 washes with warm water and tat goo antibac soap, now it's day 4 I am using a small amount of palmers unscented lotion after washing 2-3 times a day.

I am hoping its just super sore due to being on a joint but as I have had piss all luck healing well in the past I am allowing a bit of hysterical worry
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Ditch healing.... super sore!-20180112_124608.jpg   Ditch healing.... super sore!-20180112_124554.jpg  

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looks alright to me just a little swollen. ditch is a sensitive spot.
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Chat Virgin
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Thanks for responding. I hope so, but it seems to be getting worse not better, a very red colour and quite painful localized to the ditch and my outer elbow.
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Ditches are tough to heal because you are constantly flexing the joint which is causing micro cracks in the healing skin. Keep an eye out for signs of infection like always, but what you are experiencing is pretty normal.

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Chat Slut
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The ditch is so sensitive. My left arm was up like a balloon for a week. Like all the replies so far- keep clean and dry and keep an eye on it. If it gets worse then seek medical advice, don’t mess about
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Chatter Box
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Mine was the same.
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Chat Slut
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Mine was also the same for 7-10 days! My "ditch" was so swollen that I could barely bend my arm. The tattoo healed perfectly although it looked very unhappy whilst healing!
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Chat Virgin
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Thanks for the comments guys. So it is looking and feeling better, it has certainly not got any worse, its still quite red and tender though and now has a few manky scabs. I tried to get snaps of it looking brutal.

My aftercare is still washing with tat goo antibac soap 3 times a day and a little palmers unscented morning and night, will also mention I take a daily multi-vit and am drinking plenty of water.
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Ditch healing.... super sore!-20180115_094025.jpg   Ditch healing.... super sore!-20180115_093702.jpg   Ditch healing.... super sore!-20180115_093740.jpg   Ditch healing.... super sore!-20180115_093752.jpg  

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I'm unsure but have you posted the pics of the artwork in question before? i'm interested to see the whole piece
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Chat Virgin
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Looks fine to me

The ditch is a absolute fucker. The ditch on my left arm tore open where i would be driving forklifts and operating machinery all day (quite possibly my artist also chewed me up, who knows?) healing took even longer because of it and it was extremely painful with every movement of the joint. If i remember correctly i was washing it about 4 or five times a day with antibacterial soap and clingfilming it.

When i got the ditch on my right arm tattooed (by a different artist i must add) I healed it with tegaderm and didn't have any problems healing at all. It healed perfect and i wasn't in much discomfort while it was healing either.

Obviously this won't be of much use to you now but it might be useful in the future when you get your other one done.
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