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Default Getting a tattoo when I have a cold

So I'm booked in for a tattoo this Saturday (in 2 days) and have been booked in for some time. I have a nasty cold that started yesterday; not sure how long it'll last but I'm guessing at least a few days. I'm completely dosed up on lemsips at the moment. Question is, am I still ok to get my tattoo done? Is there any risk in getting it done while ill? Can I still continue to take my lemsips? Thanks
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Who are you booked in with? I need to know before I can decide whether itís worth taking the appointment you cancelled due to a cold
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Originally Posted by Mostincrediblyawesome View Post
Who are you booked in with? I need to know before I can decide whether itís worth taking the appointment you cancelled due to a cold
this hahah. generally itís better not to, your immune system takes a hit your body is weaker itís going to hurt more thatís for sure.
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I got my neck done whilst I was really not well but Iíd flew abroad for it so I didnít really have much choice, it was fucking horrible, Iíd of probably tapped out for the first time if it was in the UK

I donít think thereís any real risk, itís just your pain tolerance is going to be a lot lower and youíre going to feel rough as shit afterwards, if itís easy to reschedule and you think your artist will be okay with it itís probably best, but if not then youíre just going to have a pretty piss poor day. But you wonít die and your tattoo will still heal the same. Lemsip is fine, you night want something considerably stronger...
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I had a 6 hour session when I was really ill last year - pain wasn't much worse but I didn't heal that great unfortunately.

I guess it depends how easy it is to rebook with the artist !
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As above, I don't think it's going to affect the final result at all, but it will probably make for a miserable day.

How long is the session? If it's only an hour or two then I'd say grit your teeth and bear it. If you are booked in for a full day then it might be harder to sit though eight+ hours of tattooing whilst feeling like shit.

No reason you can't dose yourself up on the strongest painkillers you can get your hands on. Taking them for a few days before the session might help with tattoo pain as well.

Other than that, speak to the artist if you are unsure. If you are straight up with them then (s)he may just switch some appointments round and get you in a week later. If they start talking about going to the back of the waiting list then maybe opt for the co-codamol!
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Be honest with your artist now and let him help you make a decision. If you don't warn your artist, and you get him sick, and this knocks him out of work for several days, he's going to be pissed. I've heard artists complain about people who do this.
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I would not recommend.

My only badly healed tattoo I have is one I got while sick.
It probably didn't help that it included 5 hours train ride to get there and another 5 back (all in a single day).
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