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Default The longevity of very 'crowded' black and grey work

I've been admiring the work of Hollie-Pryce-Jones for some time. She has a fairly similar style to Anrijs Straume, for reference.


I was wondering what people's opinions are on how this style would hold up over time, given the fact that it is so dark and there isn't a lot of negative space. Would it all just converge into a dark blob which is impossible to read as time goes by?

I'm used to getting black and grey tattoos with bold outlines and smooth shading, so I don't really have a reference point for how this sort of sketchy style looks long-term.

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I don't think either of them have the look of "crowded " work... That's my opinion though. I also think that the main contributing factor is contrast which they both do great at. Some of those tones are very very light washes and aren't far off from skin tone . And considering the majority are fresh and the freshness/skin irritation/redness makes them appear darker.

But considering the great scale range of tones and of contrast used I don't see how they woukd turn into a blob . I just don't see their work as being crowded or tonal. So In my opinion they aren't crowded or tonal work and no , they won't blob. All just my opinion tho
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i agree with check here. moreover anrij posts a lot of his healed work unfiltered and it always heals great. i’ve also seen a an older one he did on a friend on mine and it still looks great.
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Chat Virgin
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Thanks so much for the replies. I hope I didn't come across as being critical of their work. I just don't know an awful lot about tattoo ageing or the way that fine details heal/ last.

It's so exciting that Hollie is moving to Bold as Brass, so they'll both be under the same roof
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