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Sounds like you have a good idea of what you want. Find some artists within reach and send off a few emails.

Regarding tattoos and pregnancy. I don’t see how something in the area you’re describing would be affected. My wife has tattoos either side of her stomach. She had loads of fun chatting to strangers in the gym, “They look great but what if you get pregnant?” Well she got pregnant, they got bigger, baby popped out, they went back to normal.

It depends how big you’re going to go but it doesn’t sound like your tattoo would be on your stomach. That area shouldn’t stretch or grow a lot. The only problem might be with an c-section.
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I have that area tattooed - from my belly button to below my underwear line with skulls & roses in black & grey by Edgar Ivanov. It was one of the most painful tattoos i've ever had but completely worth it.
It's held up really well even though i've gained and lost a lot of weight in the 10 years i've had it so I shouldn't think that getting pregnant would be an issue.
If you can get in with Kelly Violet then i'd absolutely recommend her. She's a super nice person and an amazing artist!
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