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Originally Posted by DGreenwood View Post
Go read the comments people are leaving on that Instagram post. That's your tattoo they are talking about. That should make you feel better.

I think you are having a bit of What have I done!" anxiety, but that's a good tattoo.
It's weird, I feel so detached from it like 'wow thats my tattoo people like' maybe I just need some time to get used to it overall since it's beautiful but part of me is still like, god I want my empty arm back.

Me and sewp just spoke about our two smaller ideas for tomorrow and we're both really on the same page about them and i'm super excited now - I really appreciate the replies from everyone, calmed my major ass freakout
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i’m actually really excited to see you bang out a sleeve(not sure if you still want that) but your piece is brilliant and we don’t get to see a lot of sleeves from sewp, mostly just smaller pieces. hopefully the second day goes better for ya and everything starts to tie together.
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Is that all he did? Just that skull you posted?

Just see your actual tat, looks nice, be a very unique sleeve and interesting to look at. Keep us updated with pics.
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I don’t think the face needs anything. It’s perfect as it is. I love the delicate face and the drips down your arm. I get that it’s more sad than cute, but he can always do cute somewhere else.
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Yeah I think she looks great. Melancholy but also cute. I think you will grow to love it and get a ton of compliments. Itís pretty bad ass.
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Tat looks awesome, love it
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Omg I am a huge fan of Sewp! I'll take your tattoo off your hand for you if you want!
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Sometimes I think if youíre too focused on a tattooers work theyíve already done for someone else and try to recreate it for yourself youíll end up being disappointed, even though what you had done is equally as good or better. I bet thereís someone else somewhere in the world looking at your tattoo and thinking that itís exactly what they want and the cycle continues. Your tattoo isnít a recreation of some other days inspiration, itís an original inspiration from that day and that experience. And itís really well done, so definitely something to be proud of. Also I built a machine for that guy, so hopefully he uses it. Nice fella.
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Also, Iíve had a bit of a holy fuck moment after my first few tattoos at the start and every time Iíve had my face tattooed also. Itís just cause thereís something different on you that youíre not used to yet, itíll wear off.
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I've been following Sewp for a while now and honestly think that yours is one of the nicest he's ever done. I would love to wear that and don't think that the face needs changing at all. His work is full of detail even though it looks so simple and I think that piece in a day sitting is pretty great even though it means your sleeve will take longer than you wanted. Getting solid black in is never as fast as people expect but at least you know it won't heal patchy!

I get a lot of heavy blackwork done and I always hate it until it's healed. It feels completely alien and I spend the first 3 days wondering what the hell i've done to my body. The feeling will likely go soon and it won't feel so out of place after your second session.

Make sure you post some pictures after today
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