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Default Calf Tattoo by Elliott Wells

Never got around to posting this since the heal took a while and I'm scheduled for touch ups. I'll be getting my knee done next week though so I figured it'll show up here when I post that anyway.


First pic is 2 months healed, other two are ~2.5 months healed.

This was done in one sitting, 7 hours. Small parts have faded, although I did have a mishap getting saniderm on and had to take it off after only 3 hours of it being on, although I don't know if that effected the healing process. That being said the fading is mostly on one or two black petals, but the rest healed just fine. Overall I'm really happy with this piece and excited to build around it. I'm going to the Montral tattoo festival in March with my fiance to get touch ups/my fiance is getting tattooed by Elliott.
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Wacky. I dig
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So sick
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Looks great. My Elliott Wells piece healed lovely. He is quick isn't he.
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Yes bro! Looks great!
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Mods!! Mis-selling ! I want to see a tattoo of a baby cow in a neo Japanese style!

(Love the tattoo)
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