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Default Is this an allergic reaction??

I got my tattoo done on monday and has been healing fine, ive been using a tattoo butter that the artist recommended which ive never used before and i have broken out in lots of pimple type spots all around my tattoo. I wasnt overly worried but they have now started appearing on my stomach, leg and my other arm? I dont know if its a reaction to the ink or the tattoo butter? And im not sure how to treat it going forward. I feel like scratching my arm off
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Just stop using that stuff. Your issue will probably just go away. Everybody reacts differently to different things, it's probably a good product, it's just not for you.

I might leave it completely dry for a while to help clear things up. When I break out while healing it's usually because I'm overdoing the aftercare and I need to back off for a while.

It's a little weird that you are breaking out where you aren't putting the product, but I bet it goes away if you stop using it.

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Iím allergic to colour ink and I get similar but with ridiculous swelling and it can be really uncomfortable. The spots usually appear around the tattoo and then start moving upwards. Each time I get a tattoo now I visit the doctor and they give me two tablets, one an antihistamine and the other anti allergy. I have a stash of them and take them morning and evening for about 5 days after the tattoo.
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Hard to tell with the pics but it doesnít really look like hives. But if itís elsewhere, then very possible.

25-50mg Benadryl
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I had that happen after a lower leg tattoo earlier this year. The spots started around the tattoo and then spread to other areas on my body. The Doctor said it was probably a reaction to the ink but I’m still not sure if that’s right.

I was using ponds cocoa butter which has a thick consistency. As soon as I switched to a lighter cream the spots started to clear up. Very strange as I’ve used ponds before and since with no problems.

Try switching to a different lotion and see if that helps. Good luck.
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Different lotion and probably just a light layer or even leave it dry for a day. Is take Benadryl tablets to help reduce the reaction. I sometimes get rash around color work and usually Benadryl helps.
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Just let it dry heal. Don't put anything on it.
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