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Question After 5 months??

Five months ago I had quite a big tattoo on my forearm which healed beautifully. However, now and again it gets itchy and every line on my tat raises. Any idea why??
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Do you have pics of what it looks like when it's raised and itchy?

What you describe doesn't sound that weird. I don't know why, but sometimes it seems to take your body some time to settle down and accept the new normal. I don't think I have any tattoos that continued acting up after the first year.

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I don't have any pics but the camera wouldn't see the raised lines anyway. I can't even see them myself but to touch, it's raised quite a bit. You could close your eyes and follow the lines with your finger lol
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My wife gets that with some of her tattoos. Iíve seen people post on here about it before too. Itís normal so no need to worry.
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It's normal, sometimes it happens more in the heat or if you get it sweaty.

There are some theories for why it happens but I don't think anyone knows for certain.
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I got this for about 20 years after one of my tattoos, and was once told by an artist it was due to the chemicals(i think they said plastic) in the ink that was used.

While it always bothered me, and i thought something was amiss and it was bad application of the work, it's been a fair few years now since it last happened.

So while i originally accepted the chemical in the ink excuse, i guess it is both the chemicals in the ink and our bodies that react with each other in different ways.
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