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Default Lower leg piece - painful healing

I've plenty of large pieces but this is different in that when I stand up in the morning, there's instant pain in my leg/tattoo area.

Anyone experience this?

I asked in a random shop and they said it's to do with blood flow, in that there isn't much at that end of the body.

Been 3 days now.. someone tell me it's all gonna be okay
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Itís fine.
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sounds normal to me,last time I had a long full colour sitting on my lower leg it was agony when I first went to stand up,and going up the stairs if I remember rite
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Cheers lads, still swollen but going the right direction anyway, as in its getting calmer seemingly
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Sounds like a typical leg heal.

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Both my lower legs were hell! especially first thing in the morning!
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I've had my full lower leg tattooed with 3 tattoos, and this happens every time.

1st thing in the morning is the worst as a few have already said. Its like a rush of blood to the tattoo and it then feels like mega cramp, or like its going to pop . Most fun when you wake up in the middle of the night for the toilet and you forget about it! Its like the exploding heart technique on Kill Bill! Take 5 steps then you buckle over in agaony

Im pretty sure it only lasts about a week or so, so im sure by now you have stopped feeling it...but yeah, very normal.
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