Galo Balseca

About Me

Galo Balseca grew up with three sisters in Manhattan, NY. He loves to shop and hang out with his kids and enjoys raising them in his spare time. A Range Rover is Galo's fantasy dream car and his favorite music is hip-hop. He likes to watch "Three's Company" on TV and his favorite movie is "Scarface". Spanish food is his favorite especially when he can get it at his mom's house. Galo had never been in the tattoo scene until he started working for Mario at Starlight Tattoo but thinks the reality show "Inked" and "Miami Ink" is corny.

He officially became a tattoo artist ago but has been tattooing for 3 years; a dream he had while incarcerated. When asked how he felt after doing his first tattoo he stated that he was very confused. His daughter has influenced him most in his tattoo career. Galo stated it was because he is trying to secure her future. His family believes that if tattooing gives Galo a career he should do it.