Johnny Domus Mesquita

About Me

Johnny Domus Mesquita was born in Setúbal, Portugal at 27 years ago.
As a young boy he as allways been interested in art allways connected to his hometown underground artists
and starting to be one of the best grafitti artist in country.
Drawing since he can remember he was the one who allways stayed in art class to finnish hes draws or just to do another new one.
In school he made a choice to be in the art area for highschool and when he finished he didnt wanted to
go to university because a new passion was born... Putting is draws into skin.
Went to the only two tattoo shops in town and one of them after looking into his scketchbook made him his apprentice
Working in Davidson Tattoos for two years Johnny decided to go on his own because wanted a little more.
In 2006 he founded Domus Tattoo Art that growing since then to the present, this sustained growth is the result of great effort, talent, humility and love of art.
He only had participated in portuguese conventions where he had some boost including prizes as well until now.
Johnny Domus Mesquita gets his inspiration from everything around him, based on what he idealizes his mind. His work
is the result of an explosion of sensations, impressions, in a mixture of pleasure and accomplishment, a communication mode, a means of expression,
as well as a stream of personal ideologies, in all the work he does.
Each work is seen as a challenge that motivates and encourages the continuation and improvement of his daily work.
His realism is undoubtably top notch, but what’s specifically remarkable is his acute ability to, compositionally, capture a human moment.
There’s a tremendous amount of feeling that’s conveyed in the eyes and expressions of many of his works.
This daily obsession is proving that he has the innate capability to capture the soul on skin.
Johnny Domus Mesquita made him and his team a reference in the portuguese tattooing scene.
He likes to innovate and do not impose barriers or limits to his work, he contributes to the real story of what art is among young
people and not just because increasingly there is an awakening, an awakening to his art to his vision of his work in general and transversality of the world.
Johnny Domus Mesquita his a mentor to his team and a teacher as well a learning student with them. He believes that everyone as something to teach him
and all the knowledge he gets make him a better person a better artist, a better father and a better husband.
You can find him headlining Domus in the beautiful city of Setúbal, Portugal
Now he and his team plan to realese some books with their art, paint more canvas, doing more and better tattoos,
go to more conventions worldwide, the future looks unlimited for the Johnny Domus Mesquita and his team.

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