Martin Crosthwaite

About Me

Martin's interest in tattooing started when he was just 8 years old but he cites Ron Ackers as the man who set him on the path to becoming a Tattooist when he witnessed Ron tattooing his Mother at the age of 13, in fact Ron had young Martin choose which colours to use! Martin had to wait until he was 19 (in 1997) before serving his apprenticeship (under Mark "Lofty" Sutcliffe at Inkskin's Tattoo Studio) where he learnt the finer points of the trade and how to make tea for ten! He also received mentoring from both Micky "Zippo" (Inkskin's other Tattooist) and Don "The Bastard" McPhee early on in his career.

Martin opened his Flesh Scribe studio in early 2005 but an offer from Julie and Kai lead to the decision to close Flesh Scribe and join forces with the Flaming Gun crew in 2007. Whilst working with Flaming Gun at the 2007 Colchester Tattoo Extravaganza Martin won his first award for tattooing and has gone on to collect others since.

Since starting to tattoo Martin has continued to study long and hard in all aspects of the craft to constantly improve both his knowledge of tattooing and the service he offers to clients.

Martin is the only British member of the ShopTalk collective, a group of American and Canadian Tattooists that released "ShopTalk Sketchbook Volume 1" in early 2007 and plans to make more collaborative releases over the next few years.

Outside of Tattooing Martin has also provided his artistic skills in Graphic Design creating various advertising designs including the T-Shirt designs for a charity organisation, The Condom Rally, for over 14 consecutive years.