Code of Conduct

The website is intended to be an informative and positive website where users feel encouraged to explore, write and share advice and knowledge within the Tattoo Community. To help keep it that way, everyone using this site has to abide by a few simple rules.

Please do not create content that contains:

  • Obscene, insulting, abusive, or disrespectful language, including sexist, racist, or culturally-offensive comments
  • Violent or explicitly sexual material
  • Private information that an individual might not want revealed. 
  • Never post any information about yourself on the website (or the Internet in general) that you don't want the world to see. For more information please see our Terms & Conditions
  • We have several website moderators whom themselves have been long time users and respected members of the Tattoo community. We have also got in place an infraction system that depending on the level of the above rule breaking the relevant site discipline will be used. The maximum discipline is a lifetime ban from the site, which we hope will be very rarely used.

    Infraction Rules (subject to updates)

  • Rudely insulting other member(s) – Infraction
  • Maliciously misquoting other users – Infraction
  • Unnecessarily/Spiteful Off topic posting – Infraction
  • Racism or offensive references – Permanent Ban
  • Bullying / Threatening users – Permanent Ban
  • Vindictive Posts, Deliberate and Wholly Unnecessary Nastiness  – Permanent Ban

Each Infraction holds a 7-day ban
3 Infractions will lead to a permanent BTP ban.