Alex Irvine

About Me

I have worked in the tattoo industry since I left school. Becoming a body piercer to pay my way through a tattoo apprenticeship which I completed in 2001.

I worked at a studio in a seaside resort fresh after my apprenticeship where I was doing upwards of 30 small tattoos a day. Not really stretching my legs in the big design department I then went on to work in studios in: Blackpool, Chester, Wrexham, Preston, and even London for 2 weeks! I enjoyed traveling round meeting new artists and learning as much as I could I eventually needed to settle so went to work out of a studio owned by one of the artists I met along the way in Chester.

I have since moved to work for myself from my brothers studio also in Chester. I enjoy doing all sorts of different tattoos but particularly enjoying big bold colours at the moment. Although previously my favorite was black and grey but I love how I am able to do different things and enjoy the challenge of leaving my comfort zone.

I enjoy all forms of art and in fact designed and built the website for my old studio Cruise Tattoo as a fun experiment in computer and web art.