Alex Schultz

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Working Tattoo Artist

About Me

My names Alex Schultz I have been tattooing since 2005. After my apprenticeship I worked at Body Art in Mesa, Arizona for a year before moving to No Regrets in Tempe, Arizona where I worked for 3 years with a talented group of guys. I recently made the move to "sunny Seattle" to work at Slave to the Needle. I specialize in American Traditional but also enjoy all other styles. Come all you Hessians and Norse god worshippers, I love anything viking and black metal inspired.

Art is an adventure, kind of like hunting dragons, and during my free time at home I am usually drawing and painting and diving into and exploring other styles. Check out my watercolor paintings and keep checking back because I would like to start working with oils. Working at Slave to the Needle is a dream come true. All the artists are so talented and professional. I'm excited to be working with them and absorbing all of their knowledge, talent, and souls. Hail Odin