Amy Lambourne

Artist Status: 
Seeking Tattoo Apprenticeship

About Me

Hello! My name is Amy, I'm 21 and have an extremely strong ambition to one day become a tattoo artist. Originally from Kent, I am currently residing in Hatfield having just finished my degree in BA Film & Television Production.

I've wanted to be a tattoo artist ever since getting first Inked on my 18th birthday, (with cherry blossom on my ribs/back). Though focusing on my degree, I have since attempted to practise my designs which has since led to me building on my current portfolio. Though admiring all styles, (colour realism particularly fascinates me!) I personally favour traditional, neotraditional and japanese work - Though my love for Dita Von Teese has led me to dabble in Pin-Ups.

I have previously worked as a receptionist so have experience, and am willing to take any role within the studio in order to gain working experience within the industry; be it an apprentice, receptionist or studio assistant - all or any experience will be absolutely invaluable to me.

Should anyone be interested in employing me, I am willing to travel anywhere in the country for my dream job, so please feel free to give me a chance wherever you are!

I am extremely polite, friendly and hard working. Though I feel this should go without saying, I have abolutely no smoking/drinking/drug or attitude problems. I will gratefully accept any advice to help me on my current career path or my portfolio - I understand it is very much in the making, but practise makes perfect! One thing I can guarantee is I will put everything I have into an apprenticeship, making it my life.

Ideally one day I would love to be a travelling artist, guesting in countries around the world, particularly Denmark, Canada and Australia.

My favourite artists currently working in the Industry are Emily Rose Murray, Phil Wilkinson, Crispy Lennox, Anna Enola, Stu Pagdin and Jo Black.