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About Me

Since I was a kid I used to like drawing :)
I was read a lot of books and comic books,
drawed my favourites heroes and maked my own histories :)
Since I remember tattoos make a big impressive for me and I always want have some,
but I never think that I be able to make such a difficult thing!
I was thinking that I will be a comic illustrator.
When I was a teenager who step in a rebel time relations with my parents became not the best.
I was 18 years old when I'm run away from home...
I havent place to go so I bum about live rough a little... slept hither and thither...
It was near to summer holiday, so I finished my school (it was last year in public school)and get down to my grandparents.
After summer working in their restaurant
I make some cash and back to Szczecin,
payed registration fee i new school and move into Catholic internat of Saint Albert.
It was place for young (17-19year old) guys who got problems with money in family and live outside Szczecin (most of them are form villages)
necessary condition to move in this place was attend to school and working in aid of that house - rota duty at areas in our house- cleaning our place, bathrooms, toilets, fixen works, helping in kitchen, outside house etc...
Ours educators catch us in discipline, morning / eveving prayer, gimnastic before breakfast at 6.30 a.m.
And of course tattooing was forbidden :)
But I meet guy who move in our house and he got some tattoos made in borstal... He got handmade amotour tattoo machine and ask me for design for him- I drew tribal motive on his forearm and he started tattooing.
I watched it for a while and then I told him:
Let me try!
And that's how it started :))
I made him that tattoo, soon other guys from our house want a tattoo so I started looking from somebody who teach me how corrett use machine and other tips....
Soon I hit to tattoo artist who made my first tattoo couple months before-
JOSEPH from "ALIEN" tattoo studio in Szczecin.
I visit hime from time to time-
He helped me a lot, not only in tattooing experience but in life too.
He donate me first profesional tattoo machine and said that maybe he will wanted somebody to help, so I should step in from time to time and ask...
Sooo....I started to visit him such frequently
that I stay in for pracitce and apprenticeship! :)

Near after Priest principal bounce me off from internat house for tattoing ward guys.
Unfotunely his tattoo shop was too small for two tattoo station places so I can't make enough money to pay my bills...
(and now I know that I was not good enough for it )
So I must leave and find some "normal" job.
Tattooing from time to time in home after my regular job.
And that was my life in this time - changes jobs and place that I rent, tatooing at home...
In fall of summer 2007 with buckup of my girlfriend Sonia and
many voices of friends who said "you should open yor tattoo shop"....
Sonia's Mother found cheap local for me in very good place in center of Szczecin...
I was afraid left my job-
I thinking that is to soon for me , and how about credit and all bills, what will I do when it not run?!?
I was really afraid... !!!

Finally I calculated risk , took bank loan, rent this local
and leave my job.
It took 3 months to repair, renovate and adapt this local
for tattoo studio, because it was in in a pitiful state...


I opened my own custom tattoo shop!
From early start I haven't any flashes displayed for my customers...every design is individually made for each client.

And that's how it's roll :)

If you believe in your dreams and follow them they come true for sure! :)