Andrea Ottlewski

Artist Status: 
Working Tattoo Artist

About Me

My name is Andrea Ottlewski. I grew up in Berlin, Germany, where I worked as a porcelain painter and in animation before I started tattooing in the early 90's . It had been a dream to work in San Francisco, so I went there in 1994 and was lucky to get a start in professional tattooing at "Erno Tattoo".

A year later I got married and decided to stay. After 5 years in San Francisco we moved to San Rafael, CA, where I worked at "Area 51". In 2000 I got a chance to buy the shop, and for 3 years I experienced the demands of being a shop owner.

Finding that the extra work to handle the business side of things took away from my time, energy and inspiration for drawing, painting and tattooing, I sold the shop and went traveling with my husband for a while.

We finally found a home here in Seattle, where working at Slave To The Needle gives me the opportunity to work with a great group of motivated people who every day inspire me to give my best.

Though I don't really want to specialize in any certain style, I get a lot of inspiration from Asian art. I like to do both color and black and grey work, and also enjoy doing realistic pieces.

But whatever you want, I'll take the time to try to understand your vision and come up with a design that both you and I are happy with!