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About Me

Born in Poland. I trained in classical music from the age of seven and became a professional musician. My grandmother was a singer and artist and our celebrations were filled with bright colours and traditional crafted patterns representing nature.

I had a little girl when I was 25. I took some time out, ended up drawing a lot and the idea of becoming a tattoo artist appeared. I eventually got an apprenticeship – they thought I was too old to learn so I got turned down a lot. Soon after I was licensed I joined forces with Inksane and the journey began.

My favourite styles are colour illustration, cartoon and watercolour: I like vibrant designs which shout out from the skin and evolve from the client’s idea through my inner perspective. Inksane doesn't have tattoo design catalogue. We have inspirational material, artwork from around the world, heads full of ideas and, the will to listen to what client trying to communicate. Everyone is an artist and they just need a little spark! I work with the client for the client.

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