Austina Obscure

About Me

I'm a female Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer. I strive each day to be better than the day before... Sometimes I trip over my own two feet... unfortunately I was given a human brain, that doesn't always coincide with my inner self... I like: Dark Subject Matter, Organic Textures, Painting with Oils, Using Skin as a Canvas, Exercising my Body and Mind, My Family, My Friends, Nature, The Soul, Philosophical Conversation, Poetry, Animal Rights, Different Dimensions, Vampires, The Mysterious, The Unexplained... I wouldn't trade my closest friends and familia for anything in the world... anything... As far as Tattooing, I love all styles and am so early into my career that I haven't really settled into anything yet, and I'm not sure if I ever will... I like being versatile... If you wish to be my canvas, hit me up with your ideas and we'll go from there.