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About Me

Hi everyone! I´m a spanish female tattooist with arround 5 years experience in studio, I have worked in 2 different studios in my city, Madrid one of them still working in the winter time, in summer season i have worked for 2 seasons in a greek island, Kos, from may to october, and i work as guest artist in a studio in Denmark for short periods of time.
I really like to work in different places, is a very enriching experience, and a way to meet new people crazy about this art, and to learn and share knowledge, as well as know new cultures in the different countries, so Im so interested in guest spots.
I prefer to prepare custom design with a bit of time when I work on my tattoos, but Im so use to walks in that wants something ready right now.... in the greek island we have a lot of walks in work.....
I´m use to do all kind of jobs, from small letterings to portraits, right now more mad about linework and neotraditional style, but I work realism in black and grey and colour, dotwork and mandalas, some oriental, I think Im becoming an all round worker.... (or thats what I´m trying :) )
If you want to have a look to my job please check my instagram address:


and if you are interested in my work, please let me know...
best wishes