Dave Carson


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About Me

I am Dave Carson from Sacred Heart Tattoos. I opened my studio in July 2006. I work by appointment only and prefer to work in a realistic style. I like to work in B&G or colour or a mixture of both. Other than tattooing I like to work in Oil paints and pencil drawing, I like to draw fairly dark imagery.

Most of my tattoos aren't as dark as my drawings, but I am always happy if a customer wants a realistic tattoo from me. I have found a lot of people asking me for realistic roses, which is cool as they are a lot of fun to do. Or mainly I end up doing a lot of realistic wildlife tattoos. I also like to do portraits and oriental inspired work.

My favourite artists and artists that inspire me are Joshua Carlton, Boris, Milosch, kamil, Robert Hernandez, Jeff Gogue, Benjamin Moss and Shige. I am never 100% satisfied with my work and hope I never become too stagnant or complacent, but if my customers are happy and confident in my work then I've had a good day