About Me

Hello! First of all, sorry for my bad English! If you like what you see, you can find me tattooing full time at Kult Tattoo in Krakow, Poland!

If it’s too far away for you to travel over, or you are afraid of weather in here (up to -20 hehe) you can meet me at couple of conventions and guest spots every year. All I want to do is tattoo - the more stupid/positive - the more cool. I'm trying to make it better and better and still keeping it fresh and kicking my ass to draw more:) Apart from that I like food and travelling. And I love people. All the weird, mad, retarded and awesome people I meet. Love you all. I would love to tattoo more Yokai ghosts so once you need some hit me up!

I ride a bicycle and it’s one of this gooood things! Aha! And I collect toys! Yeah vinyl designer toys so if you have some and they're in need a new home, I’ll take care of it!

The best way to contact me is dropping me an email to: daveeelovesyou@gmail.com Please be patient with reply, since I do what I do I'm sometimes too busy to reply quickly... But I’ll get to u back later 4 sure! And please don’t write me on MySpace its too messy… hyhyhy . Have a good day! Yo!

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