Medilase Laser Tattoo Removals, Courses & Training Certificates

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Monday - Friday 9.00am until 4.00pm, or by appointment to suit Saturday - Appointments to suit, just call and book.

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Laser Removal

About Us

Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane uses the super fast laser shot delivery, ideal for skin types from the lightest tones to even south pacific islander skins.

We use a Gold Standard NDYag Q Switch Dual Wave laser to fragment ink molecules of every color! The treatment is fast, it works, and results, if you are really healthy, may even be noticed within a few days.

Laser tattoo removal, should never bust your budget!
Talk to us, and think of your new re-work after the fading starts!
Perhaps you're moving the ink if its no longer wanted on your skin.

Medilase offers "BACK TO SKIN" deals & packages: Try just for a starter on your Laser Menu:
Black and Greyscale Business Card Size- 10 treatments, Upfront payment of $950-00 AUD plus FREE postcare dressing kit.

Would you like to be a Tattoo Removal Technician?
Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Courses and Training Brisbane Australia offers Courses & Training for medically and non-medically trained applicants.

We pave the way through the hoops with knowledge and education so that you comply with rules and regulations.
There are no shortcuts in this industry. Be with the right teams, who will do the right thing by YOU!!!

We really love talking with you about the service you're interested in.
We will always give you time, because we love what we do!