16th Ball Tattoo


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Via Milano 38
Lanciano, CH 66034
Phone: (0039) 0872 709817

Opening Hours

Mattina 10.30-12.30 Pomeriggio 15.30-19.30 Dal Lundi al Venerdi

Services offered

Flash Supply and Design, Tattoo Studio

About Us

The tattoo in its most ancient and profound to be understood as the art on the skin and the tattoo artist is chosen to be connected to the great love of art that accompanies me since adolescence. My training starts right in the Institute of Art Lanciano and continues in the academy of Florence, first with the intellectual maturity and in part by the desire to discover more and more individuals in their uniqueness. During the first approach to the world of tattooing, only expression of art that can not be created destroyed and regenerated again, I was the guinea pig of myself with the first machine built by me, in a particularly difficult social context at the turn of the '80s and 90s when mostratre themselves in what one is and what you love was often a source of preiudizi stupidly heavy. But the reality was that I was gradually finding very rewarding-history, techniques, styles-you can not improvise with this tattoo and only certainty 15 years ago I embarked on a journey across studies and countries, ranging from Rome via Spain Germany, Canada, making the acquaintance of artists like plucked wriggling, Dutchman, Himmel, and many others who have worked on me and have contributed decisively to my training. In 1998 was born on my study, "16thBallTattoo" a bet with myself, that is to achieve in a small provincial town. To date, the rewards are daily and my work recognized in international conventions.