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Lynton House Manor Lane
Holmes Chapel, CHS CW4 8AF
United Kingdom
Phone: 0845 612 1545

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Laser Removal

About Us

Lynton offers an up to date, fully comprehensive range of tattoo removal lasers, including active Q-switched Nd:YAG at 1064 or 532nm and Ruby at 694nm. These three different wavelengths allow the user to effectively treat tattoos of all colours.   Lynton is the UK’s leading manufacturer and provider of cosmetic laser solutions and has been manufacturing laser systems since 1994 for many different applications. Lynton also has a fully operation clinic, with a wide range of our systems being used on a daily basis to help treat customers. This lets our clients feel confident that they will receive the best possible training, advice and aftercare, whether they are simply expanding a current business, or starting from scratch.   Constantly at the forefront of the industry, Lynton have implemented many innovations to their laser systems, passing the benefits down to the consumers. The Lynton Q-Plus series uses Optibeam ® technology handpieces, which allow for safer and more effective treatment with a vast reduction in skin trauma and side effects. These handpieces decrease unwanted overlap by up to 20%, giving an easier and more precise coverage of the treatment area.   With three tattoo removal systems currently available, along with a range of different service contracts, marketing support and clinical training, you can rest assured that Lynton can find the right system to suit your budget and needs.