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75TATTOO, a professional tattooing groups in China, focuses its efforts on the spreading and development of tattoo culture. Since its establishment five years ago, it has won tens of hundreds of people’s applauds. In the material choosing and creation of tattoos, and in the participation of exhibitions as well as organization of various activities, 75TATTOO is doing its best to improve its professional standard and win the recognition of all kinds of people in the society. Currently, 75TATTOO has established studios in three cities of China. The emphasis of our study is: succession and development of traditional tattoo art, combination of modern tattoo art with multi-dimensioned modern culture, refinement of Eastern and Western tattoo arts, tattoo art in the form of painting, and the innovation of more expression forms and techniques. 75TATTOO welcomes the cooperation with more tattoo artists and organizations for the promotion of global tattoo art and Chinese tattooing cause.