9th Circle Tattoo

Szczepanski Square 8 31-358 Krakow
Phone: tel: 12 422 30 66

Services offered

Laser Removal, Piercing, Tattoo Studio

About Us

9th Circle Studio was founded in late 2009, the Old Town of Krakow.
You can find us in the house on the Szczepanski Square.

Young, ambitious minds comparing your ideas with their skills and love for the arts, decided to join forces to offer you the highest standard of artistic tattoo. The main objective was to create unique works that reflect your desires, while remaining works of art. We give you a guarantee of professionalism, the highest level of hygiene and sterility (we have our own autoclave).

As part of our team includes tatuatorzy:
Victor Portugal, Deadi, Michael and Agrippa

Piercerzy, laser tattoo removal:
Doctor X


World-class modern equipment, friendly atmosphere and most importantly, a guarantee of satisfaction are just a few reasons why you should choose us.

All interested in tattoos or piercings invite you to visit the gallery.