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9 Loseby Lane
Leicester, LEC
United Kingdom
Phone: 0116 2621500

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custom tattooabody has a full time custom tattoo artist neil this means that we design your tattoo especially for you.first we'll talk about your design. you need to have drawing ,images, photos, cut outs from tattoo magazines this always helps. even when you can't draw they help us understand where you want to go with your tattoo.we do take a down payment for the design work. this is taken off the tattoo price later.we only make appointments when we know what we are tattooing.next step is that we make a appointment for your tattoo.. custom tattoos appointments are minimum of 3 hrs maximum of 6 half and hrs in one day.appointmentsappointments are made in person with a non refundable 50% deposit paid at the time of the bookingwe require at least 1 months notice if you wish to make changes to your appointment time or datewalk in tattooabody has walk in tattooing available tuesday to saturday.we open at 10 am—5 pm.no appointments are necessary.come early…... save disappointment. first come first served.DesignTattooing is an ancient art-form, not a computer print-out or generated image. It is inked free-hand under the surface of skin, which is neither a flat surface nor in itself perfect. Under close scrutiny, therefore, you will find minor differences in comparison with a design which is on paper.It is important for a tattoo to go with the shape of your body. Not every shape fits every part of the body.A tattoo has to be unique for you, it has to fit you. Maybe you have this favourite painting / picture / image and you would like to make a tattoo out of this. There are a lot more possibilities then you might think of at first. Check out our gallery for ideas!We can't say this often enough: THINK BEFORE YOU INK!HygieneWe work according to the guidelines of the Leicester City Council, which means for instance a clean and sterile environment, new needles for each customer, hand gloves that get changed every time we touch anything else other than the tattoo machine or your skin.FAQDoes it hurt?Yes tattooing hurts, but the pain is very bearable. Some places are more painful than others. But please don't take this under consideration when choosing the spot you want to get tattooed. Pain is just temporary, in the end your new tattoo has to be on the spot where you like it the most and where the design fits your body. How to take care of your new tattoo?Read our aftercare instructions What to do before you get tattooed?Rest well, don't go to bed to late, don't drink the night before or on the day you get tattooed, get a good meal prior getting tattooed. These things will make the tattooing easier on you and will help the healing process! Things we don't do

  • We don't tattoo people under the age of 18 years old.
  • We don't tattoo racist texts or designs.
  • We don't tattoo people who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • We don't tattoo faces or hands and may sometimes deny tattooing a design that in our opinion will not stay beautiful.