Alan's Tattoo Studio


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261 Hoylake Rd
Moreton, WRL CH46 0SL
United Kingdom
Phone: 0151 488 5500

Opening Hours

10am until 6pm Monday to Saturday

Services offered

Tattoo Studio

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About Us

We are a busy studio established on the Wirral for over 10 years, providing both flash and custom work to a wide range of clients old and new. We have the highest standards of hygiene and offer a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We are part of Global Tattoo Studios.

The studio is owned by Steve and Debbie Crane (Manageress).
Our tattoo artists are Lee Piercy, Maciek Kylsz, Danny Taylor and Darren Crane.
Our apprentices are Kym and Sean.
Reception is run smoothly by Bee and Fay.

Body piercing is also available by appointment in our studio, holes are made by Debbie and Fay. We offer a wide range of piercings and microdermal implants.

Alan's Tattoo Studio is a health registered and local authority registered & licensed tattoo studio.