Andy's Body Electric


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Haupstr. 60
Willich-Neersen 47877
Phone: (0049) (0)21 56/52 40

Opening Hours

Mo - Fr: 14.00 - 20.00 Uhr Sa: 12.00 - 16.00 Uhr

Services offered

Tattoo Studio

About Us

The Body Electric opened on January 2nd, 1996, since more than 13 years. It was the first professional Tattoo studio in the Viersen area. Owner of the studio is Andreas Schmidt, born 1965 and the first man at the needle. Since then he had 2 passions : his art and ...Rock ´n Roll. After several years of experience with airbrushing he became a competant tattoo artist. With a great success, if you trust his customers and numerous german and international trophies. Andy´s specialities are New School, japanese style and black and grey pieces, also portraits, of course. Andy´s opinion is, that you should know, and be familiar with almost any style before you start to create your own. Most important is, says Andy, that there always enough coffee at hand and Rock ´n Roll in the background. Thats the only way to work and be relaxed. Andrea is piercer from the very first day, also the second tattoo artist in the studio. She learned the handling of the needles from the start (which may explain Andy´s lose of hair) and you can call her the tribal and ornamentic specialist in the studio.Third in line is Nicole, imported from Frankfurt area. Her difficult job is to be the good soul of the Body Electric and, as if thats not enough, she has to stand Andy in private aswell. She cares for the customers tattoo and answers tattoo and piercing questions, and has to bring Andy´s coffee some dozen times a day. To say it short, shes doing anything Andy and Andrea dont have the time to do, which they notice especially every monday, when Nicoles not in the studio,. Both girls have one thing in common: They cant stand to hear Andy´s Rock ´n Roll anymore... Since 1999 Body Eectric is member of the DOT, which is, by the way a very interesting page for people interested in tattooes... In spring 2004 the UETA was founded on the Frankfurt convention, the first european tattoo artist association, of which Andy is vice president. This association cares for the interests of tattoo artists on an international level, especially regarding the EU laws coming from Brusselles. Those, who are interested can visit the link and will find the hygene standards the UETA wants for the union. You are invited to visit our studio and feel the private and unique atmosphere. Besides, we have coffee enough.....sincerly the Bodyelectric Team