Big Brain


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Big Brain
1123 Jackson Street
Omaha 68102
United States
Phone: (001) 402-342-2885

Opening Hours

Sun - Thurs Noon -11pm Fri & Sat Noon - 12am

Services offered

Clothing, Piercing, Tattoo Studio

About Us

It is the philosophy of Big Brain Productions and our staff that every client deserves respect, personal service, professional guidance, a clean and safe environment as well as the highest quality tattoos and piercings available. Each one of these things are equally important and we strive to exceed your expectations in each. You earned our respect as soon as you walked in the door. We believe that it is a privilege and an honor to have you as a client, therefor, you deserve our best effort. Furthermore, we know that the client/artist relationship is built on trust and respect which is why we make such a personal effort to understand your needs and concerns. Personal service means investing the time and energy it takes to make your visit to Big Brain great in every way. Personal service ensures that you get the tattoo that you want... and an experience you enjoy. We strive to give you more than a great tattoo; we strive to give you a great tattoo and a great experience as well. We consider it our professional responsibility to inform our clients of the practical limitations of our art form, in other words, not every design will make a good tattoo. In these situations we will provide you with honest opinions, better suggestion and professional guidance to help you get a tattoo that last the test of time. It is irresponsible for an artist to accept payment for a tattoo that will be a problem later yet other shop do it all the time because of the temptation of a quick dollar. When you enter our facility you will find our store well lit, clean, and comfortable. These qualities ensure you are receiving your procedure in the safest environment possible. Please ask your artist to explain the sterilization technique they use to keep you safe. Big Brain is world famous for quality tattoos. What makes us unique is our artist. They are among the best in the world and have come from near and far to work at one of the premier shops in the country.