Big Slick Tattoo


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Street Ekers 21
Phone: 019-12 04 20

Opening Hours

Open Monday - Friday 11:00 to 18:00 Piercing Drop In: 12:00 to 18:00

Services offered

Artist Supplies, Laser Removal, Piercing, Tattoo Studio

About Us

First and foremost, we want to thank you for selecting the Big Slick Tattoo.
There are a lot of confidence to carry out a tattoo that hopefully will adorn your body the rest of your life.

We use disposable equipment to the greatest extent possible. The equipment is cleaned and reused autoclaveras. Tattoo machines, spray bottles and workspaces sprites clean and covered in plastic to prevent cross-contamination, in order to minimize the risk of infection. The risk of getting a blood infection (hepatitis or HIV) in the treatment we perform, we believe to be eliminated with the procedures we have for the cleaning of the equipment we recycle.

When you leave us you can be sure of having been treated in the safest manner possible. Now it's up to you to manage your healing so that the result is as good as possible.

When the tattoo is finished with his job, he cleans the treated surface one last time, then he lays on a thick layer of Vaseline and a protective plastic film. Vaselinet prevents the body to form thick scabs and have to sit on the 6-12 hours to make this method will work best.

Then you take off the plastic and wash the tattoo and surrounding skin with a pH-neutral soap, perfume, for example Lactacyd or Anticeptic Soap. Wipe with an absolutely clean towel or lint-free paper. Let your skin air about an hour and then lubricate the tattoo thoroughly with an oily antiseptic ointment such as Repair. The cream is absorbed into the skin in minutes, not remain in a white coat for a long time. Grease tattoo often, at least 60-10 times per day.

Continue treatment as long as the scabs left. Belly, scratch and itch never the tattoo while it heals, your own fingers is a great risk of infection and tear you apart scabs, you may get a flame tattoo.

Is there anything that looks strange in healing, you are more than welcome to come in and show it off, it is as much in our interest that your that your tattoo will be as good as possible and your safety is always paramount. When the tattoo feels completely healed, we prefer that you come in and show up for the tattoo artist who has done it. It may be small corrections that he considers that he wants to do, features may have been lost in the healing or color that has come off the scabs. Do you think he will book you on a free return visit to correct this.

So good luck with your healing and goodbye.
Mogge and Big Slick Crew.

Artists who work here