DitaTTooiN/Lombok Ink Action tattoo studio

Baturiti Jl. Pariwisata Pantai Kuta, Pujut 83573
Central Lombok, Pujut 83573
Phone: +6285237843010

Opening Hours

everyday 09.00-19.00

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Tattoo Studio

About Us

DitaTTooiN / Lombok Ink Action is a tattoo studio is located on the island of Lombok. Since 1994 has started to make a tattoo on western Java and taking college art graphic design department. Graduated from college in 2001 moved to Lombok in 2003 and continued in the field of tattoo art until now. DitaTTooiN / Lombok Ink Action there can get a tattoo with the realist style and black and gray (receive tattoo color) while holidaying on the island of Lombok and enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Lombok. COME! GET TATTOOS YOU DESIRE AND ENJOY THE BEAUTY SENSATION LOMBOK ISLAND

Artists who work here