Northern Soul Tattoo


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265 East Prescot Road Knotty Ash
Liverpool L14 2DB
United Kingdom
Phone: 0151 345 4285

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday from 11am - 5pm.

Services offered

Tattoo Studio

About Us

We pride ourselves on our clean and friendly studio at Northern Soul Tattoo. We are fully registered and licensed with Liverpool Health Authority. We use a vacuum autoclave sterilisation process and use single use needles. We are more than happy to show customers our sterilisation process when you come in to see us.

In the studio there is Adam if you want a proper old school piece that would make a sailors heart flutter he is the man to see. Then, there is Sharron, if you want a big bold colourful tattoo you need to speak to her.

So, if you have ideas whether it be a doodle on a bit of paper or just an idea in your head, bring it into the studio as that’s a great jumping off point to getting you a design drawn up that you want. All tattoo consultations are free.

Our studio is open to all and we do flash as well as custom work. If you would like to get some work from us, we work on an appointment basis so we will take a deposit and get you booked in for your tattoo.