Thou Art


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47 Chapel Walk
Sheffield S1 2PD
United Kingdom
Phone: 0114 270 0985

Opening Hours

Opening Hours: Sunday 11.00-5.00 Monday 10.00-6.00 Tuesday 10.00-6.00 Wednesday 10.00-6.00 Thursday 10.00-7.00 Friday 10.00-6.00 Saturday 10.00-6.30

Services offered

Piercing, Tattoo Studio

About Us

Thou Art Custom Tattoo Shop offering Piercing and Modification.
Private fully equipped piercing studio specially built, fully equipped modification studio in Sheffield. All with separate 3 stage sterilisation roomAll tattoo styles available International guest artists Collective of some of the best up and coming UK artists working monthly

Come in and have a look around, chat to our resident artists or to make an appointment, unfortunately at this present time we cannot book appointments over the phone.

We hope to have a different type of tattoo studio. One where art is the priority, one where ideas have meaning and discussion takes place, a studio that is more than a building and a studio that offers the highest standards. Our short term aim for the studio is to create a comfortable working environment for a group of artists so that the artists have the opportunity to work together and share ideas, techniques and time. This will help remove some of the barriers between artists in this country (perhaps only to a small extent) and by working in different environments artists can grow in different ways.

The plan is to have several international guests every year to allow for customers and artists to have a wider choice of ink. We have 3 resident artists and working along side them we have a collective of 4 artists (although this in time will grow). This collective of artists tattoo 2-3 days per month on a monthly basis. There will also be a couple of artists involved on a less regular basis perhaps bi-monthly or quarterly.