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Working Tattoo Artist


About Me

When Ela got her first tattoo 20 years ago, in a small studio in her hometown in Poland, she never dreamt of one day becoming a tattoo artist.
During this time period, while she was studying food technology and then IT, she sold her soul to photography, thinking; “That is what I wanna do whole my life”. But she was so wrong! 12 years ago one of her tattooist friends asked her to take some pictures of tattoos and piercings in the studio. From that time she couldn’t imagine living her life outside of the colourful, crazy, original, inked world.

The world of tattooing became her world and the tattoo studio became her second home. Traveling with a group of tattooists as a photographer and assistant to her tattooist friend, she was involved in many tattoo conventions, eventually realising that she would love to create her own tattoos. Mission successful.

Tattoo artist since 2013.