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About Me

Name: Linda Looman
Born: 27th of august, 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden
Started tattooing: summer 2000 @ Personal Art Tattoo, Ski, Norway
Fav. Tattoo Stiles: Colour Realism (portraits), Fine Art, Fantasy
Other interests: Painting, singing and traveling.

Electric Linda has been working as a tattoo artist since summer 2000 in Norway. She is specializing in photo realistic, fantasy, fine art, and colourwork.

"Since I was a little girl, I've had a big talent in art, and it was actually my mothers idea that I should start tattooing, and so she helped me get in touch with Birdie at Personal Art Tattoo Studio In Ski in the summer of 2000. I started that very same day as an apprentice, and worked for him for 8 years."