Milosch - Black & Grey Specialist

Published: 07 April, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 129, January, 2006

If you have been to one of the State of the Art conventions over the last couple of years, you can’t have failed to noticed a quiet, unassuming guy, busy working in his own particular style of black and grey work, His work is very distinctive and realistic, bringing demonic and photorealism to his tattoos.Milosch is a bit of a new face in the tattooing scene in this country. Saying that, he has worked at over fifty-five conventions all over the globe from Napoli to Montreal and many places inbetween.

Milosch has been working for the past six years, having taught himself the art of tattooing, he has drawn for as long as he can remember and he decided to make a choice between working with a tattoo machine or an airbrush. Luckily for us ink collectors, Milosch chose to persevere with the tattoo machine and has made it his weapon of choice as he enjoys the process more. Milosch is the first person to admit that he made some mistakes in the early days; ‘When I look back at some of my early work, I can see how I could have made these pieces better, which at the time I didn’t see’, skin isn’t like paper and it took me a very long time to master the art and I‘m still learning’.

To this end, he thinks that gaining an apprenticeship is most definitely the right route to take. At the moment Milosch has two apprentices working with him in his Czech Republic Studio. He feels that what he learnt in the last six years, his ‘students’ will learn in half the time by having a guiding hand to show them the right techniques. He started off his tattooing career using a rotary machine with some stunning results. ‘I find that the rotary machines are very strong, if a little difficult to work with. I like using them because of the extra weight compared to coil machines and it’s a very quiet machine too.

When I asked Milosch about his own tattoos, he went a bit quiet but eventually said; ‘I only have one tattoo. It is about eight centimetres square and is fourteen years old. I can’t even remember who did the work! Consequently I have a lot of room on my body, so if anyone wants to tattoo me – I’m available!’

As Milosch had worked the last two State of the Art Conventions in Derby, I asked him how he found the shows. ‘Whilst at ‘State’ I was so busy, the only place I managed to see was the route to the toilets and back! I did manage to meet some of the other artists, who are very talented. I love going to the conventions to meet all of these fantastic artists. It’s so inspirational seeing the different styles and techniques’. Talking of techniques Milosch says that his customers come to him specifically for his realistic Black and Grey work. ‘I don’t have any customers who want Old School or Tribal. I will try and use colour in the future but I think that B&G work will look in ten or twenty year’s time. I know there are colours that will last this long but at the moment I must learn Black and Grey.’

Whilst in Great Britain, Milosch spent some time guesting at Terry Fullers studio in Evesham – Full-on Ink tattoos. ‘I worked along-side Terry whilst over here between Mantra and Derby. His studio is very nice and clean, that’s what I like. And Terry is a very nice person. The five days I spent there was great. I am hoping to go back at some point for further guest spots soon.’ 

Milosch likes to work freehand a lot of the time. He will have a chat with his customer to get some ideas, then draws directly onto the skin. He uses his rotary machines with different needle configurations to achieve his flawless graduations of black and grey shading.

If these pictures don’t convince you of this man’s talent see for yourself next year at some of the British conventions as I get the feeling that Milosch will be an even more frequent visitor to these shores in the future.

Milosch is a prolific artist and has many sets of flash for sale via his web site and through Terry Fuller at Full-on Ink. 


Tel: 01386 423331


Skin Deep 129 1 January 2006 129