Paul Naylor's Machu Picchu Trek

Published on: 26 November, 2009

Indigo Tattoo’s Paul Naylor is preparing to ascend the dizzying heights of the stunning Machu Picchu in September 2010 and is offering up some truly incredible prizes as a reward for sponsoring him £10 or more!


Paul is offering a whole day of tattooing for one lucky winner, and others can win a day with Bez from Triplesix Studios in Sunderland or Hazel Nicholls from Design 4 Life, Liverpool. All you need to do is email your contact details to after you’ve donated on the website. The winners will be picked out at random by an independent party on the 28th February, at a charity night held at The Slow and Easy Hotel in Northwich, Cheshire.

Paul will also have a number of paintings available on the studio website,, as part of a silent auction to augment his efforts to raise money for Action Medical Research. This charity dedicates its time to improving the life of children and babies by improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of childhood disease and disability. Head there now to sponsor Paul:

Action Medical Research
Triplesix Studios
Design 4 Life