1st Maiden City Tattoo Convention (2009)

Published: 08 June, 2010 - Featured in Skin Deep 184, April, 2010

Well let me start off by telling you how excited I was after receiving an e-mail from Zac giving me the heads up about this new Tattoo event in Derry, N. Ireland.

It’s been a while since Northern Ireland held its last show and having attended most of them, I knew I was in for a treat.

I contacted the boss [Neil obviously!] and he gave me the painful and enduring task of allowing me to fly over with the ever entertaining and no holds barred Ryanair. Anyone having had the experience using this airline will know what I am talking about. I’m pretty certain that this is the airline they actually teach pilots to fly on as judging by their take offs and landings; I always make a point of having a glance out of the adjacent window to my seat just to check that the plane is intact before exiting.

We grabbed a taxi and headed on our 20 minute journey to the enue and our accommodation, which was the Tower Hotel right in the heart of Derry. It was gorgeous and I mean gorgeous! Having checked ourselves in we wandered out and into the old walled city stopping at a few pubs en route to meet up with one of the organisers; Zac Deeney in his studio Skinart Tattoos.

We had the craic with him and the hilarious China Coyle who owns Ringinmathing body piercing studio and co organiser;
Gary MC Nutt…

We certainly made the afternoon of it and chatted loads about the weekend ahead. 

‘’This convention came about by Zac and his mates attending other shows and seeing that the old way a convention was run, and how every artist at the end of the show met up and talked shop, making new friends and maybe had a few beers or two."

The Maiden City Tattoo Show was supported with artists from Ireland, Scotland & England with over 1000 people attending over the 2 days.

There were some outstanding artists working this year, a few totally new to me, the one who stood out most of all was Remis from Remis Tattoo in Dublin, one of the best portrait artists I have ever witnessed tattooing. So good I booked in with him to have a portrait of my girlfriend Donna done on my right calf and it is amazing! Thank you! 

Again, a huge variety of styles and new ideas were being inked on the young and elderly punters, Sharron Cooper had a particularly cool ‘sugar skull’ tattoo on her right foot by Adam from Northern Soul Tattoos. Another beauty was Natallie Lockhart’s Lady Vampire done by Scooby. Trev from Trev’s House of Tattoos in Scotland spent the whole two days tattooing the most amazing coloured Japanese mask on the very brave Gerald Mclaughlan ‘s head, again one of the most amazing pieces I’ve seen done at a tattoo convention.

After walking and watching all of the artists working around the show and snapping away with my camera, seeing the different stages of each tattoo as I continually wandered around the room it had its usual effect on me and everyone else and that was the desire to go get a tattoo!

Every artist at the show was booked solid, which left me no alternative but to go and have a drink and listen to some of China’s hilarious stories and spend the rest of the evening listening to some of Derry’s young talent showing off their hardcore metal musical talents and shaking the hotel foundations. A brilliant weekend, an amazing show; I wanna go back!

This year's convention will be held 17th &18th July 2010 at the Everglades Hotel Prehen Road, with over 30 artists from Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy and USA. Sure to be the best of ink and all the atmosphere you can handle, oh and maybe a joke or two from China with the best Irish beer thrown in for another cracking weekend.


And The Winners Are...

Black & Grey: Gary by Remis at Remis Tattoo, Dublin

Best leg: Bill by Keith Nellins

Best colour: Gerald by Trev at Trev’s House of Tattoos

Craziest Tattoo: Gerald by Trev at Trev’s House of Tattoos

Most Realistic: Neil Duddy by Remis at Remis Tattoo, Dublin

Best Tribal-Celtic-Polynesian: Owen Cassisdy by Dirt at Tribal Markings

Best Old School: Angela Miller by Badger at Cusick Tattoos, Belfast

Best Sleeve: Bill Devenny by Keith Nellins

Best Japanese: Gerald by Trev at Trev’s House of Tattoos

Best in Show: Neil Duddy by Remis at Remis Tattoo, Dublin


Text & Photography: Bribs