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Published: 06 October, 2009 - Featured in Skin Deep 172, May, 2009

Now into its second year, Thou Art’s Artist Tuesday is evolving and branching into new arenas, with a plethora of concepts to unite artwork by artists, and superb new ideas on utilising the visual arts to raise money for worthwhile charities.  Keep an eye out for a Postcard format book, compiling various artists’ take on the humble rose. With talk also about taking the “show on the road”, I caught up with Claire to glean further information on how the days are  going from strength to strength.


When did the first Artist Tuesday kick off, and what were your intentions for the day at that juncture?

Artist Tuesdays started around a year and a half ago. I took the reigns just over a year ago. My ultimate goal is that participating people would learn something new, be it a little extra piece of information or a whole new painting technique; whilst raising money for charity at the same time! Another major thing about the day is the whole interaction thing; by this I mean some tattooists can be very closed off and shut down when it comes to talking about techniques with other people - it’s almost like they know the whereabouts of the Holy Grail or something, or frightened that someone could potentially be better than them. So, we thought that we could embrace the act of sharing with everyone that wanted to learn. Paco Excel (Death Before Dishonor) sums it up nicely, saying "…You have to share; if you don't it will wear off and you won’t get any benefit from what you know and you'll never grow yourself. You have to do that give-and-take thing with everyone and you'll always learn something from every person you meet…"

Has the concept altered in time, and what do you envision for the upcoming year in terms of changes?

The initial concept has hopefully remained the same, but I hope to change the day quite a lot this year. I would like to take Artist Tuesday on the road so that it can be accessible to more people, and to be enjoyed in a different environment. Hopefully other tattoo studios would let us crash their studio one evening if they have the space, and maybe give a brief lecture in something they specialise in. This would also attract people who cannot travel to Sheffield being more inclined to check it out if it is on their own doorstep. As well as tattoo studios, I would also like to hold them at galleries in the summer, outside with a barbecue, and it would be amazing to do one at a convention! I would like to hold evenings/on tour days once every 3 or 4 months. I am open to ideas and constructive criticisms; I do need people to provide their views and opinions so that ultimately, we can grow together.

The artwork created at the events is sold at auction to raise funds for charity - could you tell me a bit more about the chosen charities?

The chosen charities have been selected by Graham and myself - Graham chose the Meningitis Trust, and I chose The Hideout, which is a part of Women’s Aid, a domestic violence charity. This is personal to myself, as my aunty was murdered through domestic violence. The Hideout is specifically for children, and it is a truly awesome charity and focuses on instilling creativity.

You hosted an evening event in December to auction off the works created in 2008 - how did that go down?

In December at The Bowery, during the silent auction we raised £330 for paintings that were created prior to the night at various Artist Tuesday afternoons. Works that have subsequently been created will be for sale via the MySpace page, or at the next evening event. Be aware that the auction format may enable you to grab yourself a bargain whilst doing your bit for charity.

Who are some of the regular artists that attend the event?

Regular attending artists include, but are not limited to:  Gerry Carnelly, Mat Bone, Gemma (a.k.a. Scarlet Hel), Beany, Jin O, Caroline, Bez, and obviously myself! Haha.

For an artist whom is considering participating this year, how would you say it would be beneficial to them?

For new people wanting to attend, all I can say is hopefully you will gain something or give out some advice to others. It’s quite hard to say it will definitely be a benefit, as you only get back what you put into such things. Where you will definitely benefit is socially; it is a gathering of an awesome artistic network group!


Text and Photgraphy: Katriona Godward


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