Colchester 2006

Published: 14 December, 2009 - Featured in Skin Deep 140, December, 2006

I wasn’t sure what to expect for this years Colchester show, it was in its 2nd year and in a new venue and at a later time in the year on the 10th of September. Although not right in the centre of town as last year the Charter Hall is a big leisure complex just outside. It was easy to find and had it’s own car park. Inside the halls that had been taken over for the show were huge in comparison to last year and although they were really too big for this year it does mean that as the show grows it’ll be a fair few years before it outgrows this venue. In one hall was the bar and trade stands and in the other the working artists.


There were about 16 working artists who included Lee Symonds, Brad Simms, Leigh Oldcorn & Julie Clark, Roy Summers, Mark the Wanderer and Ruth from Eternal to name some. It was nice to see artists like Brad Simms and Roy Summers working a show again, I don’t think I’ve seen either of them working any show since the last Art Attack and that was 5 years ago, god how time flies.

I really think that the Colchester show has got a lot of potential to grow into quite a big show now, I can still remember the days of the Colchester show that used to be run by Dave Ross and that always had a huge turn out as did another show in Essex and that was Basildon. There are a lot of good artists who are also based in and around Essex who could and probably would work it as well. This year was far better than last year but to succeed it still has a long way to go and the organizers have a lot of work to do, having the right venue won’t make the show work on it’s own.


Male Large - Brian by Leigh Oldcorn, Cosmic Tattoo

Male Small - Andrew by John Bennett

Female Large - Cassie by Jason Butcher, Immortal Ink

Female Small - Jan by Leigh Oldcorn

Black & Grey - Laura by Leigh Oldcorn 

Portrait - Rob by Ruth Priest, Eternal Tattoos

Oriental - Simon by Lee Symonds, Cherry Blossom Tattoo Studio

Old School - Jay by Leigh Oldcorn



Text & Photos - Paul Callaby


Skin Deep 140 1 December 2006 140