Creation - Custom Bike & Tattoo Show

Published: 18 April, 2010 - Featured in Skin Deep 126, October, 2005

After an absolute nightmare of a journey caused by the abominable excuse for a Sunday rail service I finally arrive hot, bothered & a tad grumpy in Stoke over an hour late for my first Creation custom bike & tattoo show. Doors were at 12 & by the time I arriveD at the venue, Creation nightclub, it was all ready buzzing with smiley show goers & was fairly busy but not jam packed, as is the case at some conventions, meaning you could get a good look at everything going on. Organised by Tribal Image of Stoke & THE Outlaws Motorcycle Club this was one of the smallest conventions I’ve ever been to but also one of the most friendly & entertaining, most certainly worth the journey.

The venue itself seems ideally suited to the convention with different things going on in different rooms and areas of the club to keep the show goers interest. Immediately as I entered I was greeted by an impressive array of custom bikes, the dazzling chrome twinkling under the spotlights on the dance floor. Behind them was the stage for the entertainment and to my right the bar, very important for that ice cold beer to enjoy in the gloriously hot, sunny outside area while checking out more of the cool custom cars, bikes, trucks and trikes. 

Leading off from the main arena was a small area containing two trade stalls, Limb Clothing and Wild Orchid Flash. I would have perhaps liked to have seen a couple more stalls to part me with my hard earned cash but whilst the trade stalls were low in quantity they were as always high in quality and it was all I could do not to bankrupt myself on their wares! Leading on from the trade stalls area was a bright airy room emanating from which the familiar buzz of the artist’s machines beckoned tattoo fans like inky pied pipers. Inside a small but perfectly formed collection of Artists and Studios demonstrated their skills including Katana, Shady, Big Chris from Skin Skills, Tribal child, Stained Class, Midland Tattoo Studio, Alan Hale from Alzone, Ste Kelly & Jimmy Lomax from Skin Grafitti, Roy Proudlove and show organizers Tribal Image.  


The quality of work was excellent throughout, there was some fabulous black & grey work from Alzone’s Alan Hale and a couple of lovely sleeves by organiser Oz from Tribal image. There was also magnificent oriental dragon by Paul at Midland Tattoo, which later took home best sleeve.  I saw a lot of really beautiful intricate designs showing evidence of some serious tattooing skills. It struck me that there was a considerable amount of black & grey work at this show as well as Japanese influenced tattoos so if this is your bag remember to pencil Creation into your diary for next year. There were also a fair few artists who’d come along as punters like Myth from Indigo Ink who also had a couple of customers with him proudly showing off a pair of breathtaking pin ups and a portrait that he’d done.


For a smaller show the entertainment was second to none! There was something going on all day from the minute I arrived up to the prize-giving finale in the evening. There was live music to suit all tastes with the chilled smooth grooves of the Road House Blues Band and singer Leanne Pheonix’s superb renditions of Tina turners River Deep Mountain High and a dance remix of Madonna’s Like A Prayer. In between the live acts DJ Foxy displayed impeccable taste in his choice of background music and compere Buff kept us all chuckling with his witty quips. Through out the day entertainment was provided by the ‘Girls Girls Girls’ troupe who wandered around the convention introducing the public to a rather large snake before taking to the stage for four different sets that included a fire show, grinding, playing nurse and removing aforementioned huge snake from a scantily clad patients ‘who know where’, dancing and a finale that had all four girls soaked, writhing around on stage in a paddling pool. They were a great crowd pleaser and thoroughly nice lasses to boot.     


And where there are bikes, there’s babes! The local, lovely, leggy model and co founder of Echo Entertainment, Cheryl was the ultimate adornment to complete any worthy customisation! As Cheryl posed for photographers on a slick ‘n’ shiny Harley outside later on in the day, the blokes whipped out their camera phones quicker than John Wayne can draw a pistol! You could almost smell the testosterone in the air and all that testosterone was then put to good use in the bench press competition.


Finally toward the end of jam packed fun filled day there came the prize giving with Alan Hale & Lee Simmons deservedly sweeping the board. Best of day went to G. Bevan for work done by Alan Hale. The show began to wind down after this and the public left happy, entertained, and in some cases inked, amidst the thunderous rumblings of the departing bikes giving us a chance to see some of them in action. 


All in all the show was superbly organised by Oz and the Outlaws who ensured a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to all with an intimate local feel as well as some cracking entertainment, there really did seem to be something for everyone. Creation attracted the cream of the midlands, not only in terms of tattoo artists but the people too who were all so friendly and a real laugh, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the show & its unique character and will certainly be back next year for more. 


Winners list (Tattoo)

Best Male - Paul by Lee Simmons, Essex

Best Female - Kev Gathering, Derby

Best Backpiece - Stuart by Alan Hale

Best Black & Grey - Kev Wilson by Oz of Tribal images, Stoke 

Best Sleeve - Darren by Paul of Midland tattoo

Best Tribal - Ryan by Steve Kelly of Skin Graffitti

Best of Day - G. Bevan by Alan Hale of Alzone Gloster

Best Female - large  Mick (?) by Lee Simmons

Best Male - large Paul by Lee Simmons


Special thanks to/Credits

Oz from Tribal Images 

Tribal Image & Outlaws MC

Compere - Buff from the rigger & DJ - DJ Foxy

Cheryl from Echo Entertainment

Girls, Girls, Girls (Exposure World)

Leanne Pheonix

Road House blues band

Limb Clothing

Wild Orchid flash

sponsor of bikes by SHD Harley

sponsor of cars by Cargo

Powerhouse for sponsoring the bench press & all the prize sponsors



Text & Photos: Vix


Skin Deep 126 1 October 2005 126