Published: 18 July, 2010 - Featured in Skin Deep 120, April, 2005

When you think of Switzerland, you congure up the image of a well ordered, neutral country. Switzerland evokes thoughts of many stereotypes: chocolate, bankers without a sense of humour and large international tattoo organisations! But it is has more than that to offer. Switzerland is appreciated by skiers for its alpine mountains as well as its national culture. Historians also appreciate the medieval past of Switzerland. 


It is in Geneva, located on the banks of Lake Leman, that David replaced Patrick as the organiser of the 9th tattoo convention. After having created and organised the last 8 years of this convention, Pat has decided to step down through health reasons. So it was down to David, who belongs to an association called ‘The Geneva Tattoo Organisation’, to continue this tradition with the assistance of 2 motorcycle clubs and with the advise of the former organiser. 


Geneva is not only the clean, sure and ordered city that people come to visit, but it is also a large international metropolis where more than 200 world organisations have established their seats. Discussing practically all the world’s problems, from nuclear proliferation to ethnic purification. All are tackled around the negotiating tables in this capital of diplomacy. It was the weekend of the 29th and 30th of January that brought many fans of  tattooing together in the building of Lignon in spite of negative temperatures and snow which covered the parks.


The convention took place on three stages. On the ground floor were several stands selling Tee-shirts, jewels, sculptures etc. On the 1st floor, the information stand was manned by the staff of the association who helped out with the visitors and provided various services for the tattooists (sterilisation, photocopies and sale of various materials).


A small refreshment bar was available for people who did not have time to go down to the ground floor or for folk who were having breaks from being tattooed. About forty tattooists were gathered to provide a varied selection of styles to the general public. The public walked happily from one stand to another, comparing designs before deciding on a tattoo that they were happy with because it is absolutely necessary to be certain of your choice. Do not forget that a tattoo is for life! 


Behind the curtains, the followers of piercing could have various body parts pierced by ‘Adrenaline Piercing Studio’. In addition to the professional tattooists, children were given the ability, as in previous years, to imitate their parents with an air brush tattoo; thanks to a professional who drew patterns with a special body-paint. 


On Saturday, the doors were opened at about 12.O/clock and in the afternoon a show of fire breathing was followed by a spectacle of dance and the awarding of the prize for the best of day. The evening ended about 2am with a concert of country music given by the group ‘Danni Leigh’.


On Sunday, a group by the name of ‘Overhead’, who entertained the crowd with an animated show helped by beautiful dancers. 7pm, the reward for the prizes went to the best participants according to quite precise categories.


Mottaz showed us a very original tattoo which was done in Bangkok by monks from Thailand. The tattoo was carried out partly according to a traditional process that lasted 16 hours at a rate of 4 sittings. The pattern represented religious texts decorated with some dragons. When Mottaz went to have the tattoo done, he did not have any idea of the tattoo that the monk was going to make because it is the monk who decides on the design according to the personality of the individual. So Mottaz gave his body to the hands of the ‘Master tattooists’ At the end of this mammoth undertaking, the final result was a beautiful tattoo which Mottaz loves and which corresponds to his spiritual image. 


At 8pm the doors of the convention were closed and we could celebrate another successful year at Geneva. One can say that many conventions are organised over the world, but few have the scale and power to exist for a such long time. 



Information for the tenth convention of Genava is:

David 00 41 764298615




Adrenaline Piercing

Cesar 81 (Spain)

Edward Spirit of Dragon (Biellorussie)

Red Devil Tattoo (Spain)

Nico Tattoo (Suisse)

Think Tattoo (Suisse)

Tribal Nuts (France)

Zop Tattoo (Italia)

Hellfire Tattoo (Suisse)

Tattoo JM (France)

Pacific Tattoo (Rance)

TahitiTatau (Suisse)

Momodification (Suisse)

Pascal Tattoo (France)

Chris Tattoo (Suisse)

Beat Tattoo (Suisse)

Eyera Tattoo (Suisse)

Steph Tattoo (Suisse)

Deinara (Suisse)

Mickael  Tatouage (France)

Bruno KÈa ( France)

Myf Tattoo (France)


Text & Photography: Daniel Pissondes


Skin Deep 120 1 April 2005 120