Montreal Rocks - Montreal Tattoo Convention 2010

Published: 18 March, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 192, November, 2010

Art Tattoo this year was really something to get your teeth into. From the 10th to the 12th September at GARE Windsor, more than 150 artists from all over the world took to their booths and inked some of the finest examples of convention produced art seen this year.

The 2010 Art Tattoo Montréal was the busiest ever since it first started 8 years ago, with more than 10,000 attendees over the three-day weekend.

Montréal is a great city for arts and culture with its European flair and quasi North American energy and this year saw the number of artists eager to participate increase with the presence of Ichibay from Three Tides artists in Japan, Norm-Will Ris from L.A., Chad Koeplinger of On the Road, Rudy de Amicis from Italy and FunkyMayMay from Japan being just a few of the newer artists to join the party.

The regulars were back in force too including Adam Turk from San Diego, Tin-Tin from Paris-France, Seth Wood & Chuck Donoghue from New York, Bijouand Gus from Tattoo Mania and William Thidemann who brought with him the talented Sandy Calistro from Denver, Colorado.

After a meet and greet diner on the Thursday night and some good times at Foufounes Electriques - Montreal’s oldest underground club - everyone was ready Friday to start working on an avid crowd of tattoo enthusiast.

With more than 100 booths, this convention is a superb venue for anyone looking to get some great pieces done by amazing artists.

Among those incredible artists, we counted Kore Flatmo and his wife Brenda from Plurabella Ohio, James Tex-Deadly Tattoos in Calgary, Toxyc-Last Rites from New York, Karine Tremblay-Style Extreme out of QC, Cory Ferguson-Good Point/ON and Horizakura-Japan of the Horitoshi Family - master of traditional tebori style tattooing. The traditional style of tattooing always leaves an massive impact on the public and this year, Art Tattoo Montreal also hosted Isidore and his brother Bryce - both traditional marquisian artists from French Polynesia.

The visiting public at the show also had the pleasure of spending time alongside the Suicide Girls as well as the beautiful ladies of Tail514 ( as they launched their 2011 Calendar during the weekend.

Some of the activities during the convention included a demonstration by Mrs NganSiu-Mui, a Chinese painter specialising in traditional Chinese calligraphy and Chuck W.Eldridge’s lectures on Tattoos & Advertising and Old Flash Tattoos where extremely sought after by the general public as well as artists.

The art exhibition TM13 - celebrating the 13th anniversary of TattooMania, (co-organizers of the event), also included some artwork by Kore Flatmo, Jamie Ruth, Ernesto Romero, Pierre C. and Turf One. This was complemented by a lively display of 5 stages of body-painting where it has to be said, some of these creations almost borderline special effects!


And the Winners Are...

The contest held during the weekend included the popular Tattoo of the Day category. The choice was difficult as the judges got to vote on some amazing pieces each day but decision were made and the results were as follows:


Jay Marceau: D-Markation, Quebec


Adam Turk: Left Hand Black Tattoo, San Diego


Toxyc: Last Rites/NYC


Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and the largest in the Quebec province with a bustling population somewhere in the region of 3.8 million. It's mainly a French speaking region (60%) with only 18% of people using English as it's means of communication. In fact, Montreal is the second biggest French speaking city on the face of the planet (obviously following Paris).

As you can see here, it has an excellent tattoo community but the city also hosts some of the worlds more famous festivals too including Just For Laughs Comedy Fest and Montreal International Jazz. Word has it, they host a pretty hot fireworks festival as well.


Text: Valerie Emond; Photography: P-Mod