Paris Tattoo Convention - 2005

Published: 06 April, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 129, January, 2006

This year the venue for the seventh ‘Europe Event’ in Paris was held in the Montreuil district. Previous years the show, has been held in Austerlitz but the organisers felt that the new venue was better fed by public transport giving access to the show to more people, all coming along for some new ink, or just to have a look at the colourful tattoo work on display. The team consisted of Nathalie Munoz, Jacquy and Nicolas Jayat, who worked really hard to make the weekend of 17th -19th June a real success.This year the convention showcased all forms of body art, including tattoos, piercing, henna, jewellery, make-up and hairstyles.

Today, Paris is opening up to more and more foreign influences and particularly to those of ‘ethnic’ origins. The proof of this can be seen in the current rise in popularity of Asian, Arabic and African inspired cafes and restaurants as well as many specialised shops in Paris. It is now not unusual to see say, a seventeenth century apartment fitted out with wooden red lacquered Chinese furniture and a Tibetan Monastery Chest and a Gilded Berber tray. In addition, there is a big rise in certain types of music that was once thought of as ‘traditional or folk’ which is now entering the mainstream.

So this years Paris show was seen as a meeting point for the exchange of traditions, cultures, products and art from many foreign countries.

The show was a huge success with many people getting new ink from a large variety of tattooists from many corners of the planet.

 As well as the huge choice of tattooists, there was the Body paint artist Rene Boelle and an African fashion display keeping all the visitors happy over the weekend.

The Paris convention managed to blend many cultures together and sill kept the positive energy going for the art of tattooing and tattoos.


Europe Event 68,
Rue des Archives
00 33 149 96 00 66



And The Winners Are...



1st: Ingrid tattooed by Looping at Absolut Tattoo

2nd: Marc tattooed by Iraj at Mat Tattoo

3rd: Mickael tattooed by Gwen at All Tattoo


Tattoo Large

1st Thierry

2nd Francoise tattooed by Olivier at Tattoo Lounge

3rd Ban tattooed by Remy Tattoo



1st Heidi tattooed by Andreoli David at Italian Roster Italia

2nd Veridiana tattooed by Diego at American Body Art

3rd Minus tattooed by Looping at Absolut Tattoo


Golden Hand

David at Italian Roster Italia


Text & Photography: Daniel Pissondes


Skin Deep 129 1 January 2006 129