Rennes Convention

Published: 14 May, 2010 - Featured in Skin Deep 124, August, 2005

Who hasn’t heard of Brittany, the tourist destination? Rennes is the capital of Brittany where one can enjoy a walk in the old city centre, meander down the narrow streets, with their lively bars and its Rock ‘n’ Roll and Celtic music festivals organised each year.

Yes, Rennes is prodigiously alive, and at the same time, it is a city with a real beating heart. Rennes is really the centre of Brittany.It’s may be for all these reasons, that Sam chose to live in Rennes as he likes this city and it is here that he opened his tattoo studio. And for the second consecutive year, he has organised this convention smack in the centre of Rennes in the (Salle de la Cité). This year, the convention lasted 3 days over the Easter weekend on 10th, 11th, and 12th of April. The tattooists come from the 4 corners of France and beyond to exert their art on the willing tattoo fans. This convention exhibited signs banning smoking and small children, so the tattooists had peace and clean air in which to work. 


Helped by the association (bananajuice), Sam who knows only too well the universe of the corporal art for a long time, has wanted to organise this convention in order to join together all those passionate about tattooing. The association (bananajuice), does not know anything about the world of tattoos but they have organised an event with rock ‘n’ roll music for the last 10 years, so they had the organisational skills required.  


The doors opened to the public, on Saturday at midday until midnight for the very moderate price of 7 Euros per day or 15 Euros fro the whole weekend and free admission for those under sixteen years old. Throughout the three days, musical entertainment was brought to the crowds by around 20 DJ’s all with diverse sounds.


At the end of each day, tattoos done that day were judged and the best was given an award.


As announced last year, Sam rented a second room close to the convention for a very special spectacle reserved for a show of people showing suspension, body performances and fakirs. There was also rock ‘n’ roll music, Drag’ s Queen and other spectacles during the night until 5 o’clock in the morning.


This is a small convention with a family atmosphere and with beautiful work shown over the weekend thanks to the competence of the assembled tattooists. 


The beautiful poster was painted by Laura a tattooist at Exxxotic Tattoo.


For next years dates contact:   


Guy Samuel

7, rueEchange

35 000 Rennes

00 33 299 79 47 21




First - Didier “Body Seasons” F

Second - Laura satana “Exxxotic Tattoo” F

Third -Navette “viva dolor” F


Cover up

First - Neusky “neusky tattoo” F

Second - Buzz Tattoo” F

Third - Calad’Art Tattoo” F



First - ”YOYO Tattoo” F

Second - “Dimitri Tattoo” F

Third - “Pat Tattoo” F


Big Pieces

First - Vincent “Bizarroid Tattoo” F

Second - Lionel “Out of Step” F

Third - Stef “Dimitri Tattoo” F



First - Remi “All Tattoo” F

Second - Bebert F

Third - “Artchaos Tattoo” F



First - Lionel “Out of Step” F

Second - Alex “Shocker Tattoo” F

Third - Pat “Pat Tattoo” F


Best of Show

Buzz Tattoo


Text & Photos: Daniel Pissondes


Skin Deep 124 1 August 2005 124